Double/Single Slider Windows

A sliding window consists or one or two sashes that overlap and seal together. One or both of the sashes slide horizontally to allow for ventilation. These windows are commonly used in bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and basements.

Both Sashes are easily removed for ease in cleaning their glass.

Materials – Vinyl, Wood, Wood and Vinyl Hybrid, Wood and Aluminum Hybrid.

Glass Options – Double Glazed, Triple Glazed
– LoE-180, LoE-272, LoE-366
Clear, Gray Tint, Bronze Tint, Pinhead, Glue Chip, Silver, Sycamore

  • Tilt-in Action
  • Triple Seal outside Seal Extra Large
  • Heavy Duty Cam Locks
  • Night Latches
  • Deluxe Tilt Shoe
  • Overlap Full Screen
  • Precision 4-point Welded Sash
  • Super Seal Spacer 7/8″ Insulated Glass
  • Neoprene Gasket in Jamb
  • Fly Mate Behind Drain Holes
  • CSA Certified A3 B7 C5 F2
  • Colours: White, Cream, H.G. Brown, Commercial Brown, Hickory, and Sable

Download Vinyl Window PDF Download Wood Window PDF Download Hybrid Window PDF

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