Bay and Bow Windows

A bay window is a window that protrudes outside the exterior wall of the home. They provide a wider side view of the exterior of the home. These are made of multiple casement windows. They are joined together with a coupler at degrees of 90, 135, and 150 degrees.

A bow window is essentially a curved bay window. Bow windows are designed to install out the exterior wall of a home and allow for a wider side view of the exterior of the home. Bow Windows are made from Multiple casement windows that are installed side by side and joined with a coupler to match the degree of the bow.

The bay and bow windows add light and space to your interior while giving a luxurious look to the exterior of your home. With their casement or hung openings, they adapt to the particular style of each home.

Materials – Vinyl, Wood, Wood and Vinyl Hibrid, Wood and Aluminum Hybrid.

Glass Options – Double Glazed, Triple Glazed
– LoE-180, LoE-272, LoE-366
Clear, Gray Tint, Bronze Tint, Pinhead, Glue Chip, Silver, Sycamore

  1. Available in 30° and 45° projection angles (custom angles also available)
  2. Choice of head and seat finish: crezon plywood, white laminated, pine or cedar
  3. Bay and bow windows cable support system

Download Vinyl Window PDF Download Wood Window PDF Download Hybrid Window PDF

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